Underneath is some basic contact information about you such as your address, phone number and email. If you know no HTML or CSS, Zwin might not be the best design for you because of the many issues I noted above such as field titles displaying when the fields are empty in the options area, lack of flexibility etc. It was only released a few days ago but as soon as I saw it on ThemeForest , I knew it was exactly what I needed for my personal website. The portfolio template remained untouched though I made some slight changes to the profile, resume and contact templates. This view may seem a bit surprising giving that I have pointed out all of the themes flaws in this article though the thing is, none of these issues are really that big of a problem. The theme has been selling incredibly well since it was released on Saturday and I expect this to continue as the design is only going to get better and better.

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Despite some problems with the theme, which I will discuss later in the article, I am very pleased the design. You covered everything that needs zwin template in the next update. This view may seem a bit surprising giving that I have pointed out all of the themes flaws in this article though the thing is, none of these issues are really that big of a problem. I love it due to its simplicity.

These transitions are actually powered by jQuery so look great on any browser and any device. The profile page is the first section that visitors will see when they visit your website.


Tracking code can be inserted directly into your website via the configuration zwin template. Firstly, there is no option to make the website address linkable, it is just displayed as text by default the developer has hinted this might be added in a future update though.

Configuring your resume works in zwin template similar way to configuring your skill set.

Zwin – A Beautiful Responsive vCard WordPress Theme – WPHUB

If the developer can fix some of zwin template issues with the options and add a few small features it will be close to perfect: The screenshot below shows you what is displayed zwin template I entered the domain name of my personal website http: I did purchase this theme for a client of the bronze finch. Most websites will use much longer domain names.

Did you find a way to change the 8-characters limit for the website field? This works well with all the colour schemes.

Whilst I was impressed by some designs, none of them impressed me enough to click the buy button. Developers Rbista have so far being very active in responding to support questions from people who have purchased the theme as well. As I normally do with zwin template that I have used on one of my own websites, I will first look at the zwin template features before delving more into how good the theme is to use in practice.

Profile, Resume, Portfolio and Contact. December 25, at Zwin is a beautiful responsive WordPress design theme that was designed for resumes and portfolios. The Google Map at the top of the page will automatically generate from the information entered in the address profile field. Via the configuration area you can choose which colour scheme zain theme uses. The theme demo uses the website address http: Websites, photographs and videos can all be showcased in your portfolio.


Check out Switch Idea — A new way to create your vCard s!! June 25, zwin template The theme correctly only shows social media icons for services zwin template you have entered details for. Before changing my design, I would get an email every few weeks regarding one of my trmplate or asking if I would be willing to take on a writing job.

Zwin makes it very easy to add, change and delete the skills that are listed on your resume page. I hope it helps you decide whether it is the right design for you.

Zwin – Themeforest Responsive Vcard Template

I twmplate the design to my personal website on Saturday. You need to name your item and upload an image and set it as featured. Kevin, I liked your analysis, and zwin template was really helpful to read before I bought this theme.

Mine is characters long www. Without that knowledge, it would not have been possible to make the changes they requested, but now that the theme is set zin them, it is SUPER easy for them to change zwin template information.