Loudspeaker systems are usually mounted inside an enclosure or a cabinet, in order to separate the sound waves generated from the front and back. It also allows you to calculate few different types of filters. As an example, the Blast Furnace is designed for w maximum power and has a boost of 6dB. Platinum Latest Wine Version Tested: The application window is always on top, and when I minimize the window, it doesn’t appear into the task bar, but instead it hovers over my KDE menu.

winisd 0.44

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Since WinISD does not know about flared ports, a manual correction needs to be done.

As the following drawing shows, part of the air in a flared port belongs to outside the port. Additional Comments Is the way the window stays on top reason to not give this application platinum rating? It is generally accepted that half the flare radius needs to be subtracted for each end that is flared.

WinISD & WinISD Pro

In addition to this, WinISD enables you to calculate various active and passive filters, based on user-defined bass frequencies and other parameters. Other values may be winsid appropriate though – here is how SPL changes with different values for Q.

winisd 0.44

Setting the input power. If using this function, be careful not to overdrive the output The generator allows you to produce a single frequency, or a sweep across a range.


Unlike some other products, this one doesn’t produce any clicks during sweep mode. This produces a whole stream of harmonics.

WineHQ – WinISD & WinISD Pro WinISD

The effective length is what needs to be entered into WinISD. Setting the Attenuation control to 6 was enough to restore a pristine sine wave.

For the single frequency option, you can manualy specify the frequency, or you can use the cursor to pick the frequency from on of the WinISD graphs. May 11th, Freeware. Fixed inaccuracy 0.44 vented box phase and group delay plots. Red line is w with no boost. The application can be used for creating closed, vented, bandpass boxes and multi-way speakers.

WinISD 0.44 Beta Download

The following table shows how much to reduce the power for a given boost. That’s it, now save. Loudspeakers are acoustic transducers that connect speaker drivers and electronic hardware components, in order to manage sound vibration and generate amplified audio signals. WinISD comes with a box shape editor that enables you to quickly determine the optimal dimensions for the type of loudspeaker you want to build, depending on its volume and board thickness.

You can design Closed, Vented and Bandpass boxes with this program. With a great idea and the necessary know-how, all that is left is to grab your wood-working tools and start a project. Platinum Latest Wine Version Tested: Thus, you have to pay close attention to each technical term, since there is the risk of inputting incorrect entries which might result in a non-working model.


Not the best signal for testing your speakers.

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New in WinISD 0. To achieve control of excursion without compromising SPL more than neccessary, try different values for the Cutoff frequency. This makes it easy to compare different designs. The main purpose of WinISD is to assist you in creating the ideal loudspeaker enclosure that can offer high-fidelity sound reproduction. There is also an output attenuatorallowing winksd of the signal level.

winisd 0.44

As an example, the Blast Furnace is designed for w maximum power and has a boost of 6dB. Xmax is the thin red horizontal line at 9mm. Free to use and share URL: Read the full changelog. Fixed “Access violation” which happened when user tried to change active design from mouse menu over plot window.