Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Military might, honor, and love of the Motherland are all that matter in the cold, frozen north. I would argue that there are actually some lovely models in the range. In the case of some truly terrifying attacks 5d6 roll. Retrieved from ” https: In , a Convergence player went all the way to the grand finals of the Warmahordes championships with a list consisting almost entirely of vectors, and only lost due to running out of time on the clock.

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I’m curious where Hordes went. This message was edited 3 times.

Whether at range or up close, the Legion’s warbeasts will absolutely wreck whatever you point warmahorde at. The Church of Menoth began falling out with Cygnar about a thousand years ago, since a more benign god named Morrow began gaining favor. The Trollbloods are a dying race, as the superior technology of nations like Cygnar and Khador is continually pushing them to the borders of habitable land, and they lack the resources to build warjacks themselves.

Most models just have health boxes to mark as they take damage, but these guys are too beefy for that. Your army’s warnoun costs nothing themselves, and comes with a few free points to spend on warjacks warmahordees warbeasts.

Most of their army tends to consist of highly specialized, elite units with clearly-defined roleswithout much in the way of generalist infantry. Indeed, the smallest games can be run with no more than four or five models.

I’d been kind of doing Egyptian theme Cryx, and that pretty much killed it. They’re actually not bad guys, really – it’s just that the driving belief behind their faith is that Cyriss really, really wants them to turn the entire fucking planet into a giant clockwork robot, exterminating all organic life and rendering the world perfect in her eyes network of specially distributed leylines that act as a circuitboard to call down Cyriss’ consciousness into.


It might get slower, or weaker in combat, or lose the ability to use focus or fury entirely. Both are absolutely incredible deals for the price. So, basically, you have a bunch of fucking insane druids, all of whom are assholes, running around and shanking anyone who isn’t a hippie tree-hugger.

Other than this, the two games are functionally identical to the point of most tournaments allowing armies from either game to be fielded against one another. Because of the reliability, simplicity, and flexibility of their infantry, as well as the straightforward way their warjacks function, Khador is, like Cygnar, considered a great faction for new players.

The best place to go for community thoughts on anything in Warmahordes is the WarMachine University community wiki which replaced the now decunct Battle College in Most of their models have stupid puny names.

The Hordes equivalent of Mercenaries. I recall that at one point I was starting to go bigger into it, but got turned off by the modeling, especially after the tourney rules where you couldn’t use 3rd party bits on your models came out or that was how it was interpreted here.

Because of the differences between the Focus and Fury mechanics, colossals are generally seen as mechanically superior, since their resource-manage system benefits from shrinking the number of models the caster has to juggle between.

So when someone says “hey, did anyone else notice how the day the gods died was also the day humans discovered arcane magic? Then when they went to the king of Cygnar, Leto, to get the lands they were promised, he basically told them to fuck off. Both games are set in and around the Iron Kingdomsa group of warring states on the western coast of a continent called Immoren.


The Convergence is a cult dedicated to the worship of Cyriss, the Machine Goddessthe personification of logic, order, science, and mathematical perfection.

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Pfft, like any woman god could be close to understanding those things, amirite guyz? My LGS actually has a large shelf dedicated to just those models, and the monsters are almost always sold out. Technically speaking, the Protectorate is not allowed to have a military, which the Protectorate actually adhered to during its early years, but has lately began to ignore.

I think the Warjacks are the big draw for the universe regardless. Oh yeah, and they have TWO 6-column damage grids to play with, although they generally have less than double the health of a heavy warjack.

However, the points values of Warmahordes are very small compared to GW properties.


As it turns out, this was wrong – it just means that the people living out there are crazy, sadomasochistic pain-worshipers with an insatiable thirst for blood. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Their warbeasts are brutally dangerous in close quarters, and their infantry aren’t any less threatening.

Oh no, that is scary.