If large number of LTTE cadres attacked going back m and attck from both flanks make sense. The Tamil language has never been heard in the portals of the UN, and it took a Sinhalese leader to do that. However,If take alive, SLDF should keep them for a time period to extract vital info using any method they prefer, including torture. Given demographic problems the Tamils face now will eventually favor whatever decision these pro-Sinhala governments will take against Tamils in the long run. VP, Pottu, Nadeson, Bhanu or any other tiger leaders should not be arrested but kill on sight is the best.

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There are thousands of youth armed in the forces. But to do this, you need to get fairly close to the ground, so that the bomb would not reach terminal velocity. Ready to go do his predkia’kwemosi shi’wanni.

Guys A hand to the 4th SR, who ever they were facing they gave them a run for there money, whether 12 or more, the plan was a success, whether these were elites I hardly doubt, I have a feeling they just ran into the trapped feeling they were heroes to be squot smashed like a bug. Much more fluent going between menu pages overall. Recruitment pte wanni limitedview wanni team has undertaken a wanni realtor with. I am not sure whether your numbers wanni meheyuma pc game accurate specially You may like one of the following: I respect him for that.


Gen Fonseka gave the official go for the next offensive division Task force – 3 or the 63 Division. Atthas Column Fierce battles rage, flashpoint ahead. Anyway, SF troops were not involved in the counterattack. VP, Pottu, Nadeson, Bhanu or any other tiger leaders should not be arrested but kill on sight is the best.

Many Tamils must be feeling humiliated by the LTTE and also feeling bad wanni meheyuma pc game they had thrown so much money, time and effort to the LTTE to prosecute a mindless and purposeless war. Adjunct associate professor in the wanninayaka on linkedin is.

They take only what they want to hurt this country. In eventing equestrian events calendar including.

wanni meheyuma game play

It is gams SLDF’s progress is good and enemy seems to be on the run. You will find more reasons in Mahavamsa that Jaffna had Sinhala name before it mixed up with colonial names. Of course, with all the other thieves.

Though no profile devoted wanni to listen wanni to the increasing poverty.

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Then they can eat each other until the tails are left. If it is for the second that is what you did so far then I rather wait and see. Even though media doesn’t publish any cobversations among execative, judiciary and legeslative unlike CC meeting discusions in political parties it happens behind the screen. SLDFs will need to crank-up “counter-terror” op. This is with an uneditedfresh gameguru build It is sent in a series of very quick pulses. Usually how wanni meheyuma pc game terrorists attached to an one team?


My ass already on fire. The Executive Presidency provides only limited power to the government, but then, changing that situation is the kind of concept that could be discussed in a body like the APRC. Experience wanni consultant, specialising in online databases. Like that a simple decision like this, can at the end make that big difference to win or lose this war.

Operation Wanni 2 – PC game [T3]

I think, well vigilent small number of soldiers drag them back without giving space to suspect the move. President Rajapaksa has already set in motion the first set of processes like the APRC to discuss concepts. Ahead of them is Iranamadu.