When you open a Wiki page for RMB on the command in the script, sets the focus on the article itself, not on the drop-down list. New data type L: Where ‘backColor’ – background color; ‘fontStyle’ – “n” – normal, or a combination of the following: Added the ability to run scripts “Lua”. Fixed command ‘log close’, when he opens the closed log.

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Receiving array withdrawn from circulation. CipSoft recently lifted the macro-blocking, so people can use macros again, they were unable to do that a few weeks ago, but today you can use any macro on any world. Also, I’m trying to get rid of the trash and talk to the hippos, but suddenly I can’t see the progress bar move at all in the last five minutes.

Fixed the ‘Exec’ and ‘ExecAndWait’ commands. Fixed and uopilot latest version the versino parameters of verison character and the last message from the server for new clients of the game UO. Added the output value uopilot latest version the variable after assignment in the command ‘set’, and when ‘set the logging commands’. On default the “word”.


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Lua comments added to syntax highlighting “–“. Added module addressing in commands of memory operations. Rewrote the uopilot latest version ‘findimage’. To enable ‘set logging mode uoplot. Returns caption of the specified window Has added function ‘SetWindowtext handle caption ‘. Added the function ‘CharToHex ‘. I changed the command ‘wait’, ‘send’, the variable ‘timer’ and the delay in mouse clicks to a more accurate timer. Save the location of the Help window on the screen.

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Fenrisus Don’t take it as flame or anything, but just to point out. Now works as a function ‘windowpos x, y, width, height [, handle] ‘. Reduced by 1 the final return coordinates uopilot latest version the ‘findimage’ command. The file path and color set are transferred as a string in the table in curly brackets.

Required parameters are not removed. Added variables that return the backpack coordinates for the UO client version 2. Fixed assignment of ‘workwindow’ in procedures. Cons of uopilot latest version talisman online bot free None. Tested only on xp As a result of the check, the log displays a chain of checked handles and the title of the window required to correctly determine the color, or an error message.


Is displayed on the new tab on the form of help. Is assigned in hotkey editor for each hotkey separately. Now the variable ‘errorlevel’ contains the PID of the running process. Fixed command ‘log open’. Read uoopilot in the built-in help. Corrected the mistake of assigning variables to existing, but not running scripts. Added the ability to reload a specified plugin. A positive number defines sorting by columns, negative – by rows. Sajgon Premium User Premium User. The end – for botters.

Corrected a plug-in example, added to it the second uopilot latest version to return values.