The only problem I can foresee is getting you ready in time. Okay, you step over here. See if you can find anything. Used to be this guy was so tight he wouldn’t tell you the time. Seen List Shows, Episodes.

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Walk away from a million bucks. And I know how to close this case neatly. The money’s in the box.

The Mentalist s04e19 Episode Script | SS

Pretty Red Balloon Oct 06, You wondering when I’m coming back? There’s no place to hide in there. N Yeah Mentalsit, no. For someone you care about.

We mentaliwt never thank you enough. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yeah, well, after he lost his job at the casino he was the mentalist s04e19 going on and on about getting back at them. Are you planning on taking any interest in this case?


When was the last time you spoke?

Hasn’t used it since. Dante Holmes Niko Nicotera But it’s cleaner this way. Yeah, sure it is. Her head’s in a box, but mentwlist still talking. I’m not cut out to be a criminal.

The Mentalist – S4 E19 – Pink Champagne on Ice

You know a woman named Holly Danvers? You didn’t hear what happened? D’Stefano is a convicted criminal. If she executed D’Stefano, she’s likely to put up a fight. In fact, uh, ahem this is my bit. Uh, you’re gonna have to get this key back into Holmes’ pocket.

Found this in his pocket. I was robbing a casino.

All Programs – The mentalist s04e19

Just a big black guy with a shaved head. A woman named Holly Danvers was the last to see D’Stefano before his death, and we found her roommate dead in their trailer.

Nice to meet you.

And he was dating Holly Danvers. You got that right. In the great scheme of things, just how insignificant, small, tiny we are.


Does that implicate us in his death? Well, if I can figure mentaliet a way to do it, you gotta go along. Bad luck for her.