This book really makes you think. Having blessed with an educated father who believed in education for all his children, she had big dreams. Just finished this book and am still processing the tale, the truths, the atrocities and their implications. What I liked about the book was that it provided a chance to experience life in Kabul under the Muzahideen, the Taliban and the bombing of Kabul after al Quaeda’s terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in September The author has written many articles for prestigious publications in the US, but that is how this book read, rather than as a full length biography.

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So what makes this book a five star rating?

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon — The Dressmaker

They deserved a better book than this one. Posted by Khhair me at She adapts her skills to survive and, despite the oppression, Kamila learns how to find glimpses of happiness for herself and others.

She is determined to learn; otherwise, her family will starve. That’s why I was mightily confused to read the publisher’s boilerplate disclaimer that all similarities thee those either living or dead was completely unintentional as this was a creation of the author’s imagination Read this in one sitting under the khxna it was a work of non-fiction revealing little known truths of a burgeoning cottage industry and its subsequent hardships under Taliban rule.

But I could feel the puzzled stares of the men dressed in their loose—fitting shalwar kameez as they passed me by, pushing their rented…. What are some of the implausible aspects of this book to you?

Also, “The Blue Sweater” by Jacqueline Novogratz, was thoughtfully and carefully written and provided deep insights into the issues, success stories and limitations of the microfinance enterprises available to assist women world-wide. It shows what women can do especially when they work together, this really inspires me.


Jamie Cook, The dressmaker of khair khana Rogers. I agree khaan is an important story that needed to be told.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Dressmaker of Khair Khana’

View all 18 comments. While the family may not have been wealthy by American standards, they were pretty well off by Kabul standards. On a trip to the latter for the Financial Times inshe discovered the plight of the women and started a three-year shuttle among Kabul, London and Washington in order to research and chronicle their experiences.

A the dressmaker of khair khana story of the power of love, determination, and dedication to rise above even the most difficult of circumstances. Author Od Tzemach Lemmon beads together an inspiring true story which shows that these women are not victims, but heroines who hold their country together, like the stitches that hold together their beautiful handiwork.

They have no choice, if they and their families are going to survive. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana is an inspiring book about how one family in Kabul deals with the Taliban reign. It’s not riveting writing, but it’s a decent human interest story.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Dressmaker of Khair Khana’ – Washington Times

Just finished this book and am still processing the tale, the truths, the atrocities and their implications. If you have never read about afghan women, this is a good book to start with.

Also, this book could have been edited with a much heavier hand to delineate the timeline, clear up inconsistent detail, and eliminate some of the tired prose.

But I could never have extrapolated how cruelly their lives were shut down.

Some questions that were never answered through the course of this very short book included: The author risked her own life traveling all the way to Kabul, to report a story about a woman who was strong and brave who sacrificed her drressmaker to help out her family and other women in need during the Taliban’s rule in Kabul.


Wearing western clothing or hair cut was forbidden. Khaie father and brother have been tje to flee the country, as most men have in order to escape impressment or death, leaving her and her sisters without an income. This book was well intended and cut a good message: Kamila Sadiqi was just returning home after tue her diploma when she overheard many rumors about the Taliban’s arrival at the outskirts of the city, fully intending to take control.

Kamila Sidigi was a women who through her own business saved her own sisters, helped many other Afghan women and helped her country. The author went to Afghanistan to write a report for the Financial Times to study the new generation of businesswomen who had emerged in the wake of Taliban takeover and to find for the Harvard School of Business a case study focused upn dress,aker entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

Jul 19, Great Book Study rated it liked it. Kamila is a brave khzna who has to face a lot of danger but she manages to do it and help her family survive. Refresh and try again. The author is a journalist and I do not think any newspaper editor would have approved of the “product”.

The dressmaker of khair khana the business the dressmaker of khair khana growing, and Kamila sees an opportunity to help other women in her community.