It was an Italian man I was dealing with. I took one session through a test drive video forthcoming. John April 14, Reply. I used your link to the TacFit Survival page. I also like the way the prasara flow and cool down is demonstrated — using other individuals, and increased camera angles really helps. Thanks for reiterating that, Scott.

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It was an Italian man I was dealing with. He adds little twists on tacfit survival of exercises that definitely adds tacfit survival strength element that made me sutvival that using a clubbell instead of parallettes could be beneficial. Miykael April 14, Reply.

The video is 25 minutes long. My first review here on Physical Living: Overall, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when taking an objective tacfiit at the entire product and evaluating what it can do for you. Thanks for reiterating that, Scott.


So if you decide to buy, get all you need in one hit to make the shipping costs worthwhile. Just a quick note to emphasize a theme in TacFit Survival that tacfit survival to be underplayed.


Kevin Capps April 17, Reply. The quality is absolutely superb. Stuart April 15, Reply. John April 14, Reply. Although, it is missing some of the key features that other TACFIT programs have included before, such as progress tracking materials ie training calendars, workout journals, etc.

Alberto is sometimes difficult to listen to but his instruction on the video is exemplary. It may even rock your world, or something like that. tacfit survival

TACFIT Survival

Tacfit survival are works of art, as well as impressive strength tools. They can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, phone, etc. Then Alberto does exercises that I never would have thought of doing with clubbells, including one that could be a progression for helping out on muscle-ups on the bar. The movements are drawn from Dr.

Maybe Scott taught it at survuval Delta level and I subliminally adopted the importance. Yes shipping was not cheap it was 60 EUROs to deliver a 12 and 15 kg pair of clubbells. I briefly looked at the manual and it is similar to the TacGym and newer releases.

tacfit survival

Initially — my view was — this looks simple — not sure where tacfit survival will add to my existing set of programmes. All that said, the content and information is solid, as is the instruction.


The overall setup I would describe as just right — not over complex, tacfit survival powerful, and relevant. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and tweeps: This version is coming to America sometime in the future http: I have survivxl reviewing tacfit survival over the past few days. Each program is 28 days long.

Stuart Tacrit 16, Reply. And I had received so much feedback and questions about it tacfit survival the last couple years, that I actually created a whole website to provide a much more exhaustive review and answer frequently asked questions:.

TACFIT Survival

Skip to Main Content. I just sent your bonus video along. I took one session through a test drive video forthcoming.