But Cauvery is not mentioned anywhere in the lyrics, so it is not obvious. If I say that I am with a band, people ask me what I do otherwise. It was nice to be back with my family swarathma last night for our new album ‘Raah e fakira’ launch tour We still missed our signature courtyard vibes. More power to your tribe.

swarathma topiwale album

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There’s magic in the honest smile of someone getting into the music for the first time.

Southbound Tour Notes – Hyderabad Airport. We returned to this conference the second year in a row and it just keeps getting better.

We get shows topiwald a month and may not get any show the next month. Bangalore is a nice place because people come from different backgrounds and accept any kind of experimentation — new or traditional, rock or carnatic.

Sar Pe Hath Dale ( Topiwalleh) – सर पे हाथ डाले, डाले

Performing at Bangalore international wine fest today. The relationship between the music scene and Bollywood? Music is how artists express themselves.


swarathma topiwale album

There are no constraints in choosing themes. Abroad tours add to profile, but that should not be saarathma measure for judging a band. He suggested that having a female voice will add another dimension to the song. So was Delhi earlier this month. We are working on a song on transgenders now.

The first one was at gearfoundation International school and it was great fun! Disclaimer Privacy Policy This page was generated in 0.

swarathma topiwale album

Everyone of his songs is just fantastic. And Jishnu Dasgupta, topiwlae have my heart Bengaluru swarathma will be playing at International wine festival Bengaluru on Sunday, Aug 4′ at Jayamahal palace. The actual theme of the song was based on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu dispute regarding Cauvery river water.

swarathma topiwale album

So, it’s not ablum to imagine he’s calling his home planet at a moment like this. A special shout out of appreciation to hemanshidawar and her lovely parents, who came to the show! You know that in ten years, it is considered a generation change. Get ready for a magnificent night of two worlds. Swaratgma started playing guitar when I was around Thanks to thejameru for your vision, warmth and hospitality.


Varun has been 19 for the last 20 years.

Swarathma – Indian Folk Rock Band

Thank you yuktie Everyone who wanted snippet of song pyaasi love as a street busker last Sunday We try to talk about such issues. Be there by 7pm. Never seen a guitarist with so much stuff around him constantly moving around working around so many buttons and pedals supporting the band without a drop. Years later, nothing had changed Here’s what smiles look like, from both performer and audience alike. There are many good bands in Bangalore that do not get enough exposure.

“It’s great to earn money from something you love”

Entry tickets at venue. Stand-up comedy replacing the band night at colleges? We’ll put those videos out over the next few weeks.