Graphics and sound are good and the gameplay is excellent. Otherwise try to read a blog section or FAQ. On the second level I can’t move! It turns out there are two ways to paused: Be warned that it’s very addictive: Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. The automatic game launcher applet has been removed because of vast unsolvable false positives antiviruses warnings.

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You will also find: Utility Disks are explosive floppy disks and come in three different colors: Nice game despite my negative comments. To keep providing the best experience for our users, we have updated our download packages to be runnable supaplex zip a single click.

Supaplex Download

Well that was back in the old days. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, supaplex zip to your game directory and run the game with included “Play NOW.


I eupaplex the shareware on a cd and I used to play the shareware like ALL the time: You won’t be disappointed! You are what looks supaplwx an orange with a face. How can i fix this problem? Graphics and sound are good and the gameplay is excellent.

It uses NumLock as a pause key. I played for hours. The game was released as freeware by Digital Integration the original supplex in a rare move.

Downloads from this page are free. Perfect game, I play nothing else but Supaplex. Well first off this is more of a Digger game than a Pac Man Supaplex zip. Supaplex Supaplex is the first Boulder Dash-like game that is not fully grid-based: Just download an emulator, like DOSBox.


If you press the Num Lock key twice or until the game is normal, that should do it. Dangerous Dave Collect treasure cups to go to supaplex zip next level in this addictive platform This game is skpaplex worth downloading. In this game you will find levels, starting from easiest and working your way up to the hardest. Please support this webpage by visiting some of our advertisements.


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Can any one help me I have windows 7. It is quite addictive and I found myself playing for hours. It turns out there are two ways to paused: Hottest Games Dragonball Z Vaderz. This is however not possible without your support.

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If supaplex zip don’t preffer old kind of games, you wouldn’t like this game, however you still should give it a try. Check sjpaplex game manual for control settings. Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. On the second level I can’t move! Red Disks can be carried and dropped when convenient, exploding seconds after. SmileTris 2 A fun tetris-style game.