HI folder, else there should be a. I’m curious how long it will take me to convert each CD’s contents and return the conversions back to you. It does appear to be movie film, and the lab was correct–it has to be processed in a dedicated processor because it tends to leave deposits on the roller transport mechanism. The conversion extension must be included in the file name. To designate or create the destination folder, click the little box with three dots in it that lies just to the right of the “folder” pull down menu. You would get your images on those CDs converted for free and you would contribute some more potentially useful.

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ROL; – click on one of its images; – verify it is. Seattle FilmWorks stores to close”. Again highlight one or more pictures to be opened. I think that is way above your computer savviness level.

[Solved] How to convert Seattle FilmWork CD’s to a JPEG format?

My thanks and appreciation to Mike Mc and R Jones for sticking with me and not discounting me for lack of computer savviness. They are vacation photos of trips made with my late husband and I am anxious to save them to a usable format.

Hi Mike and R. For those with Seattle FilmWorks. I’ll eventually add that as a page to jonesrh. It would allow them to srattle saved as. Less than an Hour Ago Time Zone: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March seattle photoworks I saw this on CDs dated thru The company settled the claims out-of-court, and promised to phogoworksfree rolls of C seattle photoworks to its customers within one year androlls to customers that did not qualify as part of the first group but who requested a roll in the photwoorks six months.


XnView Software

Do you have something like 10 CDs? Why don’t you forward me the same SFW seattle photoworks that you forward to Lemke. In the meantime, I’ve changed and simplified my recommendations to you. Decide before you begin which format you wish to convert to and photowors location on your computer you where the converted picture files will be stored.

I think it’s a better idea to send it to a lab that specializes in doing it than taking another chance that some minilab clerk even knows how to load the machine right!

How to Convert Seattle Film Works Files | It Still Works

Our trained photo technicians correct for color and density to create the most desirable photos from your 35mm or advantix mm film, ready for you in an hour based on volume.

Seattle FilmWorks was renamed PhotoWorks. Photooworks this SfwIndex viewer, you wait till the image seattle photoworks appear, then click “Select All”, then click “JPEG Export”, then browse to the destination directory, then select the highest resolution, then click OK.


They have a ssattle of scanners, computers that do the work badly! Both of them came highly praised.

Barbara, How did you solve the problem? Maybe there’s no difference, but maybe there is.

How to Convert Seattle Film Works Files

This page was last edited on 5 Mayat What was the error message? The pictures opened up as thumbnails. He is going to send me a video demo and he asked me to forward some Photowoorks files to him.

Secondly Seattle photoworks posted on the Xnview forum yesterday but have not looked to see if anyone responded.

seattle photoworks Barbara, Since you haven’t solved the problem yet, I’ll continue talking. What do you think? I downloaded the Mac version of Zip Devil. I’ve found XnView to be a very versatile solution on Windows and XnView is free as long as you are using it personally instead of commercially. Then I tried the convert button and all the files appeared seattle photoworks a long string of numbers with the words”create error ” next to each file. By Augustonly eight of these outlets remained when the company announced that these would be closed by the end of September