Sunday Times Sri Lanka. Higher and further education. Therefore he accepted an extension of just one year because he wanted to get back to England, after World War II was over. On the other hand in private he was thrilled in , when our Cricket Captain and Head Prefect Gamini Salgado scored a splendid century in the Royal Thomian Cricket match. Kannangara began the establishment of central colleges Madhya Maha Vidhyala as part of the Free Education policy to provide secondary education for the rural masses.

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It is equipped with lecture hallsscience and computer laboratoriesand auditoriums. Performances are held at the College Hall, at the Navarangahala bradbby specifically for oriental performanceand in recent times at the newly constructed Nelum Pokuna Performing Arts Theatre.

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This includes the College Hall and the Navarangahalaa national theatre. Since English has been reintroduced as a medium of education at the college. The Governor General ‘s Prize. Rroyal onwards, only schoolboys were allowed to play in the match.

Another memorial plaque is displayed in annthem entryway to the Navarangahalabearing the names of 47 Old Royalists who were killed in action in the civil war.

With the threat of an invasion by Japan receding inPrincipal Bradby continued expanding the school activities as he deemed fit. In Royal was one of two schools to establish the first Air Force Cadet platoons in the country. School of Our Fathers. Perhaps the greatest contribution Principal Bradby made to Royal College was to ensure that our hallowed traditions stood firm in dark royal bradby anthem and in happier times.


Indeed Pali and Sanskrit turned out to be very popular subjects at Royal College. Affiliated to the University of Calcuttait prepared students from the Colombo Academy for entrance brzdby of English universities. He needed to have the full support of the Old Boys and his royal bradby anthem.

Lalith Athulathmudali Memorial Prize. Rajaratnam Scienceboth of whom had played in the Royal-Thomian Cricket match in their time and other senior teachers, Captain C.

He set right that defect with immediate effect and took a personal interest in the teaching of these new subjects.

Disce Aut Discede English: He went a step further and applied a similar discipline on the teachers. Trinity not only won both games this year but also ran out bbradby with the higher aggregate score! At Cambridge he obtained a doctorate in English and a Blue in Bbradby. Royal bradby anthem school was ordered to move out and the British Army moved in, establishing a military hospital in the school buildings by and later covering it into a garrison.

Trinity College Bradby Anthem 2014 (Thrithva Hasthaya) – Anonymous

Students of Royal College are known as Royalists [11] [12] whilst antyem pupils are known as Old Royalists. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Royal College Union was formed in as the first alumni society in the country.


Bradby and him for high tea.

The Media Unit of Royal College

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was in raptures in listening to the oratory of one of our Head Prefects inthe dimunitive Neville Kanakeratne who was a scholar in History. Inunder the captaincy of Maalik Aziz, Royal won the regatta with a record 40 points to nil, for the first time in its history. The Boat Race which is a coxed fours event began in royal bradby anthem By the same token Principal Bradby attached much importance to literary skills and hence the Editor of the Anthe was a key school appointment.

He went on to represent Ceylon at the Olympic Games and to represent Ceylon in Roayl and Rugby football to become a triple international. Since its establishment, the main medium of education had been English ; however with Sinhala becoming the official language along with Tamilthe medium of education was royal bradby anthem to Sinhala and Tamil.

All proceeds were donated to war charities. Royal College Colombo Location in greater Colombo.