It is called the Bindu when a small teeth-mark, the size of a sesamum- seed, is made with only two teeth in the centre of the lip. It is called 20 Ardha-Padmasana when in this position, the position of only one thigh is changed. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. The authors and their works referred to by Kokkoka, with their respective identities, are as follows: The women of the central part of the country are pure-minded and detest kissing and the making of nail and teeth marks. The commentator has taken both together.

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Amorous couples from the Sun temple, Koiiarak.

Ratirahasya – Wikipedia

I ratirahasya book emboldened myself rztirahasya put forth this theory of the authorship of Gunapataka on the strength of the arguments that follow: Thus of the primary set of writers, Nandikesvara and Gonikaputra are especially mentioned by him at the outset and Vatsyayana is given a second place. We have only to study the last two chapters of Rati Rahasya to prove this point.

Generally this is possible after much practice.

A woman may perhaps flatter herself that her admirer, who is really a rogue, is a gentleman, and thus submit to him. Now I shall describe in detail the peculiarities of each of these. Men of the bull type have large and erect heads, broad mouths and foreheads, thick necks and ears, bellies like those of tortoises.

The woman from the Andhra province, delicate-limbed and greatly afflicted by sexual hunger, is, however, indelicate and misbehaves during unions.

When the woman lies prone, so that her face, breasts, head and the whole body face downwards, and the man then rides her, moving his erected phallus ratirahasya book her yoni with his hands, like an elephant, it is known as Aibha. Sculpture from the Sun temple at Konarak 25 A lyrical and graceful sculpture of a loving couple, from the Bharatji temple, Khajuraho 26 Embracing figures from the Devi Jagdamba temple, Khajuraho Between pages 40 and 41 27 The fond embrace.


If the maiden argues when Apahasta is being done ratirahasya book should strike her on the head in the Prasritaka way with the Kat sound. Dravaka Pleases with glances Melts even frigid women and satis- fies them. As they obtain more and more satisfaction, during the later unions, they become sufficiently well-equipped emotionally to derive satisfaction in a shorter time. Then, kissing her on the forehead, the chin, the cheeks, the tip of her nose, and frequently her palate and her tongue, he should make the Chhurita nail-marks on her abdomen, her breasts and her thighs, while laughing at her ratirahasya book audible cooings.

The text is very corrupt here, and so is the commentary— Transit- Two Tiryag Asanas The king was naturally very much intrigued and anxious to know ratirahasya book the passion of this voluptuous ratriahasya was quenched. Mithuna figures from the Sun temple, Konarak. The Mahabharata also relates how when Draupadi was bom, her own lotus- smell spread to a distance of one krosha. The commentator has wrongly commented on Jihvarana as Jihvashabda.

Quickly, the lover should strike the woman on the thighs and strike her sides ratirahasya book the Samatala way until the union is culminated.

The Hindu secrets of love : Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka (Book, ) []

Recipes for Causing Impotence in a Man, 99 V. Certain qualities are considered essential for a marriageable maiden: He should himself see to the loosening and rebinding of the hair and inflict the Chhurita nail-marks on his own body with his own nails.


She is intelligent and proficient and assumes a delicate demeanour during the union. Sitting on ratirahasya book ratigahasya of his friend, he should yawn, stretching, twisting and cracking his joints. The reverse posture is adopted sometimes through an excess of passion and sometimes because of native custom, but it ratirahasya book not pleasant when adopted too frequently. If he is asleep, she should not wake him.

During her spare time, she should take it ratirahasga herself to obtain cheap but shapely vessels made of wood or clay or leather or iron. When, with the sharp points of uneven teeth, a circular design of teeth-marks is made on the rtirahasya of the breast, it is termed Khandabhraka.

The Hindu secrets of love : Rati rahasya of Pandit Kokkoka

During the medieval age, India became more conservative compared to ancient India, freedom of women decreased, and premarital and extramarital sex were frowned upon. The commentator says that Sharad is not specifically mentioned but implied in Varsha.

The popularity of Kokkoka is borne out also by the fact that the text was translated into Persian. The author of ratirahasja work is Kokkoka. He considers ratirahasyx secondary zones the palms, soles, finger tips, toes, ratirahasya book, elbows and sacral region. The Chitrini type of woman has an ratirahsaya gait, and is neither too tall nor too short. The lover, suitably dressed, should seat his beloved and her attendants to his left in the apartment which is flower-bedecked, decorated with garlands, fragrant with ratirahasya book, and brightly illuminated, and then proceed to deck her with various ornaments while speaking sweet whisperings of love.