While not very successful. And both do not edit. Maybe now is not the version of such software or exchanged. Thank you for helping me. Sign up for free! I have not changed anything and did not set up.

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Xave it in the early version of the file mscvr If then click Encrypt and Resing it gives an error but writes that Saves after 5.

I tried a few more times – the result is the same. Log In Sign Up.

PS3 Save Resigner v1.4 is now available

Decipher save game 4. And both do not edit.

Something like this http: Unfortunately the result is the same. As you just said, probably the region of your Japanese game is not the problem. SFO only changing the rest of the files are identical to the original files in save folder last date of change identical http: I think the Bruteforce Save Data program is ps3 save resigner 1.4 other purposes, I’ve never used it.


Also, I just tested my own Save Resigner by deliberately using the wrong version of mscvr So then one possibility remaining is that Save Resigner does not work with Japanese Windows, but hopefully that is not the case, and we should look for other possibilities first. More topics from this board Perhaps the reason is?

SFO not clear why. Please Put on datafilehost.

PS3 Save Resigner v is now available | MaxConsole

I do not understand why. We can not do that. Respectively, did not change the settings in which gave me Busard. I have Windows XP. While not very successful. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Saves in folder Decrypted Saves Folders is ps3 save resigner 1.4 to the original. Because you can just download someone else’s USA or European version save, and try to decrypt it, and it should work. Do you have all your keys set correctly? You tried that, and it doesn’t work, right?


If that is not the problem, then it could be that your Japanese copy of Valkyria Chronicles somehow does not work with PS3 Save Resigner, just as Busard could not get some other unsupported games to work either. Forgot your username or password? So as long as you do not get such an Error message window, probably your mscvr What should I try? List of potentials for the characters.

The command points system really kind of ruins the game for me. But I’m not sure that the program “addressed” precisely to these files not to another such on Windows This program only uses the mscvr I have it delivers the same message ps3 save resigner 1.4 you have in the screenshot inside archive.