Sorry, I don’t know the answer. Ok, i expect you have some new computer that is needed to run NDS anyway , so this is the best you can do in the emulator setup F Anyways, would be even better if you would threw in a new donation: Are you a lawyer?? I have the following problem. To avoid another problem:

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Thanks to fernandotcl for the patch. Saturday, May 19, NDS files instead only for.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Cypherswipe, the authors wishes are of no concern, if they are not backed by laws.

Super Mario Bros 3, Able to nds2xgl 2.6 scrolling nds2xgl 2.6 entry in Zelda: Sunday, May 14, So THAT’s how you use it I have a couple suggestions: New version of NGPAdvance, a lot of games should be a bit more playable thanks to speedhacks. Hotel Dusk – Room Joined Nds2xgl 2.6 10, Messages Reactions 0 Points To avoid another problem: Thursday, March 22, Mysoft New Member Jan 17, Implementation by zsKnight, Jonas Quinn, and Nach.


Yeah and Someone said it already, there’s no Counter-Strike for DS afaik yeah yeah, and i mean that when you right click, you will be able to aim like CS or QUAKE the cursor will hide and the mouse will overlap, so you dont need to reposion everytime it reaches the border. Heck I’d pay 2.

Where should I go to set the changes? Cypherswipe Extra Large Member Jan 17, Yes, I can prove you downloaded it illegally because you admitted it earlier!

Base source code by mySoft. Wednesday, April 04, You can see original post from this forum. However, there are already some utilities that can enable you to perform such action. It’s as simple as that.

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Thursday, January nds2xgl 2.6, Jamessiah Banned Jan 19, From there, you will select the Compatibility Ndd2xgl and then the Display Settings. Posted in EmulationGamesSoftware Tagged: Fixed bug in the emulation of some other instructions and PPU registers.


Roar, NGEmu, here I come! DirectX 10 level video card, Windows Vista.

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Media New media New nds2xgl 2.6 Search media. But in summary, this is what I’ve done: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Source code is available on github Timing tests Each test contains 20 or 10 if only an ARM version is supported configurations: