No, create an account now. The card fits into the M3 completely, but it sticks-out of the USB reader. Retrieved April 18, Click here to edit contents of this page. It will be set as your wallpaper. Unzip the files and place them in the root directory of your flash card. Similar threads with keywords:

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Search titles only Posted by Member: Oct 12, Unknown. Install Wallpapers Open the image, then press start. Use whichever seems the best fit to your needs. We will look at the dpgtools folder shortly.

There are also other alternatives for Windows. Awesome collection of skins. MoonMemo MoonMemo is like a notepad feature. Did this FAQ help you? Your name or email address: I think the designers of the M3 expected you to rename the Moonshell. You still need Moonshell though, since it won’t play videos. Free E-books on your DS”. Additionally, the Moon Books Project website offers browser-based online video conversion, providing another platform-neutral alternative.


If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Updated with a new one I found in Devianart. Am posting the reply here instead because of that… Jenny guest wrote: Good Job man thanks for your hard moonshell and system.

Moonshell V2.10 (Nintendo DS Homebrew)

You want the moonshl2 folder and moonshl2. Download the latest version of Moonshell 2 joonshell this page Extract the files. This guide will save you a lot of effort. Append content without editing the whole page source. I told you, I didn’t make them, I just indexed them.

Sorry, but I’ve just disabled the former commenting system, and opened up the new one to anonymous users. It must be in the root directory.

Similar threads with keywords: NDS – Emulation and Homebrew. Newest version is 0.

Moonshell 2 FAQ, Guide and Index | – The Independent Video Game Community

Just save it and done. Create account or Sign in. Page 1 of It’s the same reason “Coverflow” apps don’t work either. I hope you don’t mind amd. You’ll need to update SE7EN’s download link. May 5, My Destroyed Village.