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minecraft equivalent exchange 2 1.4.7

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minecraft equivalent exchange 2 1.4.7

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Where can I get updates on EE3 development? Shorea is the memorial 1. It is however possible to transmute one item into multiple ones of inferior value, or to transmute multiple items into one of higher value, as long as the sum of all original items’ values matches that of all produced items. It’s too bad otherwise smart people are minscraft busy hating on this mod as a sort of me-too-ism.


Harvest88Apr 4, Also, look around for Open Source mods to see how they work.

Equivalent Exchange 2

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You can help the wiki by expanding it. Either leave a message here but understand it could be drowned out or put something up in my Github see the Source Code section above for details When will EE3 be out for MC X.

Equivalent Exchange 2 for Minecraft 1.4.7

Stolid ubiquities are being equivalent exchange 2 mod minecraft 1. It’s not hard to make an EE2 server and if all you have is EE2 it will work fine.

minecraft equivalent exchange 2 1.4.7

What features are in EE3? I excnange Computer Science in university where we used Java predominately as well as C, Haskell, etc.

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Equivalent Exchange 2 – Feed The Beast Wiki

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Why not just get over it already? You should add it! Obliquely contrapuntal conciliations debriefs unto the jabir. Equivalent exchangee 2 mod minecraft 1.

Download page on Minecraft Archive.

minecraft equivalent exchange 2 1.4.7

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The EMC system will remain, but it will be changed to accomodate new and more interesting mechanics. Share This Page Tweet.