Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Basically the meaning of life. From then on, she punishes him by not talking to him although she helps him to get back to his own self. Best Tamil movies kollywood. Mayakkam enna by sss videos Download. This movie is sure going to take dhanush to next level as superstar said. Was this review helpful?

mayakkam enna climax bgm

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The other cast also did well. Sparks fly high only to settle down and romance suddenly blossoms between the two. A modern day girl enha which depicts, Once a girl fixes her husband then they are true to them. P has definitely a very bright future ahead The movie is completely different from other Tamil movies!

Mayakkam enna leaves you wanting for more.

Mayakam Enna Climax Download

But when one consider the below average fare that we fnna treated to in the last couple of years”Mayakkam Enna ” is way above all those ones. Sundar, the young lad promises aplenty and is sure to go places.

The misogynist in Selva shows in most of the first half. On ennx downside, Mayakkam Enna is very languorously narrated with a lazy rhythm which may not go well with the mainstream audience. Sign in to vote. If he given a strong second half then this movie should become a masterpiece of his career.


mayakkam enna climax bgm

How did one photo of an elephant make an offer from Discovery possible?? His camera-work is amazing and pull one step ahead of an usual Tamil cinemas.

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Heart touching climax from the movie ambikapathy by Arul Selvan Download. Her expressions in the mayskkam will move even those with a strong heart. Dhanush has maintained his charm through out the movie, I’ve not liked him in many of his roles. When you have the director doing what the tagline refers to then there is nothing that can go wrong!

mayakkam enna climax bgm

Richa as Yamini performed fair and cliamx story revolves around a photographers life and the obstacles he faces in life. In many a scene, her eyes speak more than anything Watch out for the emotional encounter between Richa and Dhanush after her miscarriage.

This movie is not a crowd-pleaser. He wants to excel in his chosen profession and dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer. The screenplay is crafted so well by Selvaragavan.

It’s show time for dhanush to show some real acting, He continuously shows a very good talent. So he goes to forest to take pictures of birds as a project.

Its watchable, nothing special.

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Just Amazing Film making,it connects to you Emotionally and also takes you to a whole new level!!!! And in Selva’s films, it definitely goes a few notches high. When a deserved victory is achieved by karthick the Genius dhanush character name tears out of happiness roll down your eyes uncontrollably and movie of this kind gives the viewers a lot of hope and positive messages rather than the climax of paruthiveeran,mayna,and all those hit movies in which the characters get killed in the climax to provide an impact or sympathy.


Dhanush can express anything, he is the perfect director’s actor.

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The characters of both yamini and Karthick have been concentrated well in the second half leaving out the other characters, a smart screenplay by selva. And of course, Oda Oda and Adida Avlai are situational and hence enjoyable. This movie was quite romantic as off it was shown in trailer but core story of this movie reveals the power of a women behind every single men out their Maverick film director Selvaraghavan once again does what he is best known for playing with human emotions.

Richa, Dhanush and Sundar have lived their characters. A filmmaker with great conviction, he has proved in the past that his films are mirror to the happenings in the society and especially interpersonal relationships between individuals.

Things get complicated when she connects with Karthik.