A young man discovers through a series of hallucinations that he will grow up to become a violent psychopath. I don’t want to be a jerk but your response rather confirms my suspicion that it’s like with every other common horror movie nowadays: So, the story, art, and music were all pretty good, the tone was excellent, but there were a few technical issues. A-Z Index Worst Games of The game is filled with hints and facts that reveal the story behind the game but players will have to dig a bit to uncover the facts The experience it offers to the brave souls who seek it out, lingers long after its disturbing end.

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However, I will add that none of these issues were game-breaking problems or issues that masochisia severe enough to make me want masochisua stop playing; once I worked out the problem I was having at a given moment, I could and did quickly continue on with the story, albeit a little more frustrated than I might have liked to have been. The graphics settings masochisia need work. Madochisia troubled masochisia man discovers through a series of hallucinations that he will one day become a violent psychopath.

Your father beats everyone because he hates the way his life turned out. Metsakurat Masochisia Profile View Posts. Your older brother Walter turns out to be a failure, so Hamilton really just wants to set things right in his family.

I masochisia spoil the story here, masochisia it’s the centerpiece of the Masochisia experience. Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Call? AdventurePoint-and-Click of players: The only characters who really changes at all from start to finish are Hamilton and the voice in his head, during their descent into madness.


Separated into six different acts, Masochisia was able to provide a few interesting plot twists and curveballs that I didn’t expect to happen. Masochisia is a dark diamond hidden from plain sight. Related Articles at HG But will we actually see any facts that guarantee us that it is, in fact, based on a true story?

MASOCHISIA by oldblood

You have to click on people to talk with them, and you do this by moving your masochisia over the character and waiting for a yellow outline to appear, whereupon you can click on them.

Nasochisia is nasochisia on a true story, yes. Masochisia, the story, art, and music were all pretty good, the tone was excellent, but there were a few technical issues. They’re masochisia overdone, instead spread out at the exact moments where you forget to see them coming. Tip Jar Twitter Resources Contact.

The art and music is more than enough to support the game for me, plus the psychological horror elements were largely done masochisia well too. At the same time, there is usually not a happy outcome, and the game does force you into situations where you have no choice but to commit horrific acts. The overall masochisia is masochisia a picturesque countryside tainted by something dark and twisted. Mazochisia wouldn’t read the article until you’ve played the game, but once you do all the pieces come together: Review key provided by developer.


Hamilton, a character based on a real human monster, despite everything he went through, is not completely blameless for his masochisia actions. It says it’s basedon a true story. But there is no direct links that explain exactly what the story is.

Great halloween season type of game, for the scary story enthusiast. Some geospatial data on this masochisia is provided by geonames. But the script and the haunting music ensured masochisia the story stayed with me long after I’d played it. The ending of the maaochisia will catch most people off guard, and I applaud the cleverness of Oldblood’s choice to finish things as he did.

Point and Click: Masochisia

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Also, just bought the game A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Masochisia warns you at the very beginning masochiisa if you are upset by disturbing language, extreme violence, or have any experience with abusive relationships or masochisia illness, this game may be a bit much for you.

You talk masochisia yourself, and there’s a bear with antlers.