Which languages are availabel – also german??? Check the parchment on the floor in front of the divan-seating. Use the opened horn on the end of the bent barrel. Feodor hides at the left room. Get the smoking weed tin. Get the key fragment.

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Feodor releases the Spanish horse. Take the cross from the small hole on left cliff wall. Get another stone jug from left wall.

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

Place the oats in the cooking pot to fry it. Place the stone beside the hatch. Use loaded crossbow on the bracket of the grappling hook.

Crashing all the chroniclse You get other chances to continue on with the game. Take the heavy ivory cross left of the door.

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura for PC Reviews – Metacritic

Check the lion’s head. Take the chain with large ruby.


Lost chronicles of zerzura the key on the necklace to open the chest. Take the sack full of nails right of the chest. He can’t remember where he chronciles yesterday. Use the loaded dice in the bellows. Feodor has not drunk the water of Zerzura yet; that is why his hair is black and has no longing to find Zerzura.

It is a good hiding place though. Attach the leather hose to the bellows’ hole and the other end to the forge right of furnace. Then he can’t remember. He wants something to drink and gives Feodor a chrknicles. Check the chest by window. Give the far water pump to the basket seller. The Emir has food supplies cyronicles in the palace.

See a ladder and a wooden platter across the way.

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

Check the artefact – ankh on the table at bottom right. Turn-click the broom handle. Attach these to lots crane. Give the paving stones to Thabit. Look around and take the red cloth on the ladder behind the captain.


Move the knot of the rope over the dove to mark its distance. Feodor Morales explains his quest. The captain took the unloaded dice from the box. See that the fallen mast has thick rope. Go below deck and climb the ladder to the cabin.

Open the saddlebag at right and get Feodor’s tools: