While the Dread Saurians stats are slightly better than a Carnosaur and has the same D3 Wounds bite, its main power comes from its options which, for some reason, aren’t restricted to just Lizardmen, derp. The Prophet of Sotek, a red-crested Skink shaman who emerged during the wars against the Skaven and prophesied the arrival of the Serpent God Sotek, leading the bloody counter-attacks that eventually drove the Skaven from Lustria. The Saurus were bred by the Old Ones in response to the physical frailty of the Slann, and the subsequent requirement for a strong and numerous warrior breed to protect them from the more numerous Younger Races. Saurus themselves have a few variations, depending on their spawnings. The Temple-Cities are centered around the pyramids in which the Slanns reside, having been built on privileged places of power to facilitate magic and meditation.

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Later, in the coming of Chaos, the Old Ones lizarrdmen went missing, or sacrificed themselves to try to destroy the polar gates and halt the never-ending tide of Chaos in a cataclysmic explosion. One of their cities was abandoned after the Skaven poisoned its spawning pools which is why the Lizardmen hate them.

Warhammer Lizardmen / Characters – TV Tropes

The Lizardmen place great importance to a hidden system named the Geomantic Grid, made of unseen leylines and important nodes that collect and control the magic of the world. The Lizardmen do not tolerate such raids in the slightest and react violently to any “warmbloods” who invade their realm, always recovering the stolen relics.


Until the sixth edition retconned this, no new Slann had been spawned since the Old Ones left i. Despite their small size roughly the same as a Goblinthey can be a formidable military force, as they have highly-accurate poisoned blowpipes.

Lizardmen (Warhammer)

Little did the elves know, the Slann actually did much of the work on the great vortex, and without them continuously sending magical aid it probably would have collapsed a long time ago. He’s half-asleep, probably drunk, and he’s still going toe-to-toe against a Lord of Change in a magic fight.

The background story of the Warhammer world described its creators as the “Old Slann” or “Old Ones” interchangeably. This page was last edited on 20 Aprilat Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. As a last resort they pleaded to the Horned Rat to help them. Chakax, the Eternal Warden. For some reason a Skink can ride them.

The Slann priests act as the custodians of the Old Ones, and rule the Lizardmen. In game, his Herald of Cosmic Events special rule gives his army’s spellcasters a chance to rerolls dice when casting a spell.

The Famed Executors of the Old Ones’ Will

Too Important to Walk: Here the Slanns can more easily tap in the power of the Grid, and these places are the most fiercely defended fortresses of Lustria, designed to withstand a Daemonic invasion. The new fluff describes the post- apocalypse Slann now known as Slann Starmasters as having been found drifting in space by Dracothion, the celestial dragon, and were thus brought to the Mortal Realms.

Eventually, the Lizardmen become isolated, and the younger races forgot about them and the Old Ones. As the booby traps set by the Lizardmen are bespoke for Daemons they do nothing to stem the Skaven tide other than giving a few headaches.

What clearly happened was a classic “Failure to Communicate” by GW between it’s departments. These days, it’s an aversion ; they’re actually doing a lot better than most of the other non-humans. When the Old Ones vanished from the world during the coming of Chaos, much of the Slann’s knowledge and wisdom was lost with them and it was left to the Slann to divine the full extent of the Old Ones’ Plan.


Cult of Sotekled by Tehenhauin. Predatory Fighter increases their destructive capacities. And by rituals, they mean procedures to maintain a sophisticated system and technological tools.

It is unknown when exactly, or how, the Saurus were conceived, but it is believed they were adapted from the native lizard species of Lustria and their sturdy construction is a testament to such a heritage. However, when shit hits the fan, a Slann will order a Temples gates unlocked and he’ll release the power of the Dread Saurian on Lizardmens enemies.

Eventually lizardmej Elves managed to redirect the flow of magic into a portal at the center of the island home, Ulthuanbut not before lizarrdmen awesomeness on the part of the Lizardmen. It also means that the greatest Lizardmen warriors are centuries, if not millenia old and are veterans of thousands of battles. In previous Lizardmen army books, they had a more active role in leading the species, but apparently they are now more luzardmen.

This includes turning it into a ghost making it Etherealgiving it Flaming Impact Hits, putting a huge stone disc on its neck to boost it’s Toughness to 8!

Since the Lizardmen have pretty much every iconic Dinosaur, the only thing they are missing now is a massive Sauropod like Amphicoelias fragillimus Gor-Rok is the mightiest of warriors, the solid centre around which the Saurus battle lines advance.