Explicit Episode 19 – The Stack Up. Lords of Vermillion get’s some critical criticism and the show receives some great callers and E-Mails. The two tanks of Limit Break Radio face off in a heated discussion bordering on thermonuclear war — and Kalloposition stokes the flames. Explicit Episode – On Denial. The crew starts by tackling the criticism surrounding Heavensward content gating and the concept affects the worlds of MMO. We also check in with Kooky Persona who edged her way in to Son’s press conference last night and hear her report live from the E3 show floor. But the true salt is laid down when Aniero defies the entire LBRmy‚Ķ.

limitbreak ran online

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Will Juxta and Aniero be able to hold the fort by themselves?

Join Kallo, Juxta and Nika as they share their own theories and possibilities limitbteak what may or may not ever be in the world of Eorzea. With the ending of The Heavensward music contest last month, the crew take the time to listen to several entries as well as visit some Limit Breaking Music alumni.

Tune in to find out what all the hosts think about the raid and the rest of patch 4. The treasure hunting event Aquapolis takes a front seat in the discussion as Kallo voices concerns about the finality and originality of certain aspects.

Limit Break Radio: Reset – A Monthly Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Podcast

Explicit Episode – Rabanasty. Overall, the entire patch including the new Hildebrand seems to have left a sour taste.


limitbreak ran online

What makes them different and how does that effect each game? Join us as not only Aniero gets salty, but Nikalia, the ohline of reason fall to the Saltiness as well. Twitter Wars, sub optimal tank dps, possible abuse of alcohol and even alleged sexual misconduct Explicit Episode – Money Talks. This week on LBR, the cast sits down to discuss the unfulfilled promises that Square-Enix has made to us over the years.

LBR breaks it all down for you, and lets you lend your voice to the discussion by taking calls on limitbrwak topic.

limitbreak ran online

Opening the iTunes Onlins. That means you have another week to enter our BringSusan contest, PSN card giveaway and send emails to hosts limitbreakradio. They use big words and fancy mumbo-jumbo to sound like smart-asses as they discuss the idea of Metagaming in FFXIV and beyond.

limitbreak ran online

Thanks again to everyone who came out and hung out with us during the show and to everyone who called in. To little surprise Samurai was announced and from out of left field Square-Enix announces that the newest expansion would be taking us to Othard and the Far East! The crew is missing one Aniero today, but they still dig deep into some comments from Limitbreakk P about the future of Eureka. The crew weighs in on Patch 2. This week on Limit Break Radio! Join hosts Aniero, Juxtaposition and Eskalia as they introduce, or re-introduce, themselves, kimitbreak over some of the ways the show will change, lomitbreak about Blue Gartr’s Turn 5 Coil clear, look ahead to some things coming in patch 2.


Limitbreak control panel – RaGEZONE – MMO development community

Kallo and Aniero are out onlinne E3 getting exclusive coverage, so where does that leave Limit Break Radio? Plus brand new armor for existing jobs and a video tour of many of the new massive zones! This time on Juxtober, the cast of Limit Break Radio drop the dead weight and get down to brass tacks.

The crew take several callers voicing concerns of burn out on the game as well as whether or not 5. The crew theorize and discuss what the end of the Dragonsong War could look like and what it means going forward.

Explicit Episode 19 – The Stack Up. With the release of the official Stormblood Trailer the crew dissects the new information gleaned from within. Limitbrdak out our website http: The Hosts or the Listeners? Join us for today’s podcast as the crew wraps up their final thoughts from Northa America’s largest video game expo!

RAN Online – Saint Private Airport

Oh and Nika is there too. I know I can’t complain about foul language, and I don’t have a problem with that. We also dig into an interview done with Yosheep by Gamer Escape and as usual, things reach critical sodium levels. We also review the Crystal Tower drinking game posted lijitbreak Talongar on Reddit.