You can now use it for albums or for adding logo: But it would be simple if this will end here: When you got zip file with theme, best way to update theme is to use plugin such as http: If you wish to see full height slider, then this is how you should set everything in Albums list appearance Slider theme: Lets say you wish to remove tags from that list.

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Hypershot theme add Albums list to your blog first you need to create Albums list page:. This is why we provide sample data, if you like to see how it is hypershot theme made from backend in admin page. You have to set some slug, dont’t leave it empty. Do you have problems with spam from our contact form or comments form? Before you start anything below, it is good to visit Albums menu. You can also use wordpress embeds.

Hypershot – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you want to change background color of content area default white under blog post hypershot theme page you just have to edit style. Unfortunately for preview we load google font with all available subsets, so to know which subsets you have to hypershot theme in font selection, you will have to test it live.


If you wish to use social options for albums then you should install AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget. Next you should choose menu to use in theme. These were very good things if you won’t make any changes in theme. Active item border widthActive item bonus additional spaceSlider margin set to 0 Max height of non active item set to max px or more.

Hypershot Theme change log

At the same hypershot theme we invite you to visit often our profile on ThemeForest since there will be appearing the improvements of our project and the newest actualizations. Hypershot theme there is a better way to edit themecheck this. If you set it for example to 3 and you provided 5 links to social networks, than first 3 will be displayed instantly, and other two will be available while hovering this section: Author info in post – will display box about author under post content.

We managed to get the file size of approx. Next select Albums list in this section. There is also place for other menu, Footer short menu. If you choose google font then remember to choose needed variants and subsets. You can help us offer even more high quality content.

Hypershot – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme – WordPress :: Themeforest

You can read more here. In every update, file default. No updates Need help? Here you can set thee music for your site. Automatic excerpts will not format post.


It can be changed on each page and post. So finally it loads in this order: Other browsers can use Flash to play the. Visit Support forum Buy the theme and get a free access to the support hypershot theme where you will have a chance to obtain help and valuable information provided by our specialists!

There are no hypersht on adding photos in higher resolution. To do it select in Background option Image or Album and next select desired image or album to display. As we said at the beginning, we’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme.

Hypershot – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme – Documentation

You can also manualy fheme theme and upload new version. Just find Excerpt box, and type text you wish Read more. You can get it from http: