With a peculiarly attractive style he evoked the admiration of the unwary with this illusive flowery language and advised his followers to take this creation Jagat as an unreal thing and to believe that man is God. So I humbly pray to you to lead me on: You weild strength from Sri Hari and you are unconquerable by any power except Sri Hari’s and you can give a bold front to and vanguish the three worlds. Our Sri Acharya in his natural kindness invites them for a fair and impartial consideration and with his lucid arguments proves the eternal truth, ie Sathya Jagat, Hari Sarvottama, Jiva Bhinnah and others are convinced that their stand is untenable and look aghas at the authorities placed by Sri Madhva and walk away murmuring that their philosophy has been smashed threadbare. There is the ever-moving process of birth, death and rebirth.

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Vayu Stuti

Even Brahma, Rudra and all Devataas are having extintion or laya many times. Bharatidevi the custodian of the Vedas and respected in all the three worlds worships Shreemadananda Teertha. Narayana Panditacharya’s father Tivikrama Panditacharya was an erudite scholar, initiated from boyhood in all the works of Shankara, challenged Srimadananda Thirtha and argued with him for 18 days and finally felt convinced of Madhva Philosophy and surrendering himself to the godly prowess of Srimadananda Thirtha became his disciple and even wrote Tattvapradipika, rich commentary on the Brahmasutra Bhashya of Srimad Acharya.

Sri Acharya is the sole authority to certify the fittest. Poornaprajna, Oh Anandateertha, my salutations to you You have been hari vayu stuti devotee of the supreme Lord and Lakshmi And other gods serve you with admiration and devotion Seeing you hari vayu stuti listening to your nectar-like words Gives more punya than the dip in the holy river Ganga You remove our fears and bless the righteous, we salute you.

His writings are blasphemy and claims that he is Brahma and that everything is an illusion Maya. Assuming the form of tempest, the wind can sweep gayu cities. hagi


Sri Hari Vayu Stuthi Introduction and Translation

This Sloka overcomes lies and deceit. There is nothing strange in these episodes for the simple reason that Sri Hari is your constant supporter and you are his constant devotee. These demons had been invested with the power of hari vayu stuti under the influence of a boon from Brahma and Rudra. They serve you with devotion for your superior calibre, superb speech, sound conclusions, sublime faith and selfless, adoring service of Sriman Narayana whose supremacy you have established beyond all doubt.

He is more a devotee of Sri Keshava and Ananda Thirtha and he has with their kind graces fixed his love for them and for redemption he has sung these verses and acknowledges that his intensive reverence only was the propelling power to construct the verses. You undertook journey to Badari through the most difficult hari vayu stuti passes and very often you had to fly in the air from mountain to mountain – thus proving that you are Sri Vayu’s incarnation.

Thus were you fortunate to be blessed by both with your selfless service always wishing to propitiate them. The Superhuman acquisitions of the three avataras hari vayu stuti adequately be described only by yourself or Sri Narayana. Vayudeva, your enemies the Tamasic set of people eyes are gouged with sharp fingernails and teeth and spit as they are perpetually famished.

Daitya Manimantha who was vanquished, in his wordy warfare, by Bhima, somehow propitiated Rudra and with his boon came down to earth as Sankara and started to undermine the philosophy of Bhima.

HVS Links | Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra Parayana

Pratyksha, Agama, Anumana – Bheda. The Righteous people Satvik after serving their elders and gurus lead a wonderful life in Vaikuntha where they are served by servants and enjoy the company of beautiful damsels and frequent Darshan of Shree Hari.

In between there is one more story stuto Bhima and Hanuman meeting when Bhima’s progress was checked by Hanuman who had blocked the way with his lengthy and unwieldy tail and that Bhima could not lift the tail.

His lucid arguments, coupled with splendour of direction, marked by Hsri mastery of style hari vayu stuti presenting His Supreme Lord and Guru-Sri Vishnu, as the sole master of this Universe-being the Creator, Protector, and Destroyer, while granting absolute bliss by releasing the fittest and blessed souls from the fetters of Prakruthi and this Prakruthi is subordinate to Hari’s will.


I feel disgusted with this sickening process of Birth, death and re-birth.

Bheemasena when you reached Gandhamadana Mountain to bring the beautiful golden Saugandhi flower for you beloved Draupadi, you found that the place was protected by one Lakh demons. This Sloka acts as an antidote against many dreaded diseases.

Oh Master Anandateertha, you are the Acharya of the three worlds You have unflinching devotion in the holy feet of Lord Vishnu Let the holy dust of thy lotus feet gracefully purify us.

These disciples have stored great merit deserving your kind graces. Nakha Stuti describes one of the avatars of Sri. You readily bowed to the Guru and accepted the seat fully realising that Sri Hari had arranged this Sanyasharama as the most convenient course for propagating the Vaishnava siddanta.

Vultures pierce and cut them with sword-like beaks To add torture they vayk attacked by sharp weapons, then, They are thrown into a pond of blood-urine-filth and germs Vampires suck their blood as they are being thus tortured. You alone amongst the hari vayu stuti Gods can execute my hari vayu stuti. So based on the prayers of all the Gods, under instructions from Sri Hari, you came to this world to destroy hwri blasphemous works of Manimanta and wrote the Supreme Knowledge Brahmasutra Bhashya.

Creation is eightfold ie ‘srusti, stiti, laya, niyamana, gyana, agyana, banda and moksha’. When the end comes they quit this body with desires unfulfilled.

After some heated verbal exchanges, which you uari, you realized that you had met your earlier avatara, Hanumantha. Your expositions clearly lay bare fallacy of Manimantha’s alias Sankara philosophy.