Your name or email address: On all other volumes the NFS server internal inode implementation is used. For easy use the server does not require user mapping between windows users names and unix uid’s and does not use windows acl for access. With the -name option a share name can be assigned to an exported Windows path: Vjforum , Apr 2, Download the software here: For mounting a directory by volume GUID use the following notation:

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The following exports options are supported: Click “Restart Server” Your newly created share should now be accessible based on the parameters you created in Step Click Next and go through the typical install procedures.

Without a registered figure, the user is always mapped to the user nobody.

Exported folders are stored in unix style exports file. For NFS-3 server and client choose a common value by handshake transaction. LonyApr 3, Because file hanewin nfs server are valid only on a specific volume, access fails on subfolders mounted as junctions of other volumes.

Yes, my password yanewin This makes executable files hidden on Windows. For non NTFS volumes and elder Windows releases a hard link can be emulated by creating a servr of the file.


Share This Page Tweet. Using “-readonly” and or “-public” eliminates the need for usernames and passwords For unix group and world access rights a default mask of is applied to the owner access rights. Add the location of the hanewin nfs server you would like to share with the bottom of the text box.

This could be overritten in exports hfs -maproot: For improved security it could be restricted to only those serevr accessible for a client.


CopyrightHerbert Hanewinkel, Neuried. Registration prompts for the license key and your name, company. IP adresses are interpreted in pairs as from-to ranges enabling client access from all addresses in a range more flexible than the unix -net -mask options.

Click on the “Exports” tab and click “Edit exports file” 9.

Networking Software for Windows

Owner access rights are set based on the Windows permission bits readonly and hidden. On all other volumes the NFS server internal inode implementation is used. Thanks again to Lony and xmister for all your help! This has been a much more reliable and faster way hanewni sharing my files to all devices on my network with out the hiccups of SMB.


Hanewin nfs server the software here: The unix user is returned as the owner of the Windows files.

LonyApr 2, For TCP connections a thread is created per client. For mounting Windows remote network shares use the following notation: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

[TUTORIALS] NFS server For Windows – HaneWIN –

Unmodified entries in the exports list are still valid without remount after restarting the server. Because there are a lot of unix boxes running as root only, there is hanewin nfs server an option to map to root by default for all entries see exports section below.

It is mounted under Unix with the command mount -t nfs Change “Maximum NFS transfer size bytes to for maximum speed 8. The mask is configurable per filesystem using the -umask exports option.