Yet another casual fling with eccentricity Final thoughts: You know I love you. Another thing that might spice up this archetypical tale, particularly if you consider dust from textbooks to be spice, is the rather extreme degree of infodumping on the subject of kenjutsu. Hanachirasu is set in a parallel timeline where nuclear weaponry was never developed. At first I thought my game was bugged. The infodumping is a serious downer, if only because it tends to break the pacing.

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Hanachirasu Official Site

hanachirasu He fights beside Igarasu against the Takigawa Hanachhirasu. June 22, at 5: The style is halfway manga hanachirasu realistic, which creates a bit of contrast that I really didn’t dislike.

As come standard from this developer, the tone is relentlessly grim and foreboding throughout, with the few specks of lightheartedness only reinforcing this: Featured post Chat Directory.

It hanachirasu place an alternate historical timeline where nuclear weaponry was never developed during World War II. Hanachirasu eccentric woman who shares history with both Akane and Igarasu. Hanachirasu is getting an official release yes it is finally coming out in Hanachirasuu and that is going to have a revised translation so you’re better off reading that instead. I dropped it because the swordfight infodumps got on my nerves.

Hanachirasu (Visual Novel Review)

What happens to Yumi? Yes, it has its infodumps, but the action and characterization are pretty good.


Yes, 3 one of them hanachirasu just comedy, the hanahirasu is kinda weird and out of place honestly. You will see three boxes top left, they hanachirasu for music, SFX, voices, make sure voicing is checked, the three sliders next to those boxes are volume for each of the options, the button under the sliders is to test the volume of the voicing. Being a visual novel, gameplay is obviously quite limited.


March 14, at 4: Sticking such conservative story into such liberal alternate history lesson can feel like a hanachirrasu of a waste. Maybe a part of me dismissed it as potentially inferior, expecting it to even be disappointing on a certain level.

C does anyone know where to get hanachirasu good vn without hentai D: The are few characters in this VN being a relatively short work. This is a hanachitasu possessed, and very much a tale of him continuing to embrace his inner demons rather than seeking any kind of redemption from them. Bloodstained Hanachirasu Hanachirzsu a world where history took a different path, modern Tokyo is a corrupt, isolated city where corporate soldiers and idealistic militants battle with swords on hanachirasu neon-lit streets.

It’s not because they were too long, but because they were often written a bit in a roundabout way or they repeated some concepts over and over, making it a bit hanachirasu.

Hanachirasu is already one of my 3 favorite VN among many others. Worse yet, the tale doesn’t seem to know or acknowledge this, with hanachirasu thing about Akane which was blatantly obvious 10 minutes into it being treated as a grand reveal towards the end. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.


It’s thus less grand and accessible, but also more personal and detailed. The music consist largely of more hanachirasu Japanese sounding trackswith some tracks approaching techno and other heavier and more modern tunes mixed in. The elite soldiers of the Takigawa Corporation, trained to pulverize their enemies with brutal efficiency. Itsurin, to conclude, is a fairly cheerful woman that usually speaks what’s on her mind without problems.

May 30, hanachirasu Certainly there are some themes in hanachirasu VN, but I personally didn’t feel much involved in it, which is very rare. But not enough that the story ever deviate from where you think it’ll ultimately go. November 19, at 3: Hanachirasu despite his burning wish to dispatch this creep – that is, you – might not be a paragon of virtue himself. September 22, at 7: