The typeface reflects the original brief: Fedra Mono Medium Italic. I can only find commercial ones available of this alt shaded Engravers, but I can’t believe that there isn’t a free version of this style of font! Your Own Font Foundry. This font viewed times and downloaded times.

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Fedra Mono Light Italic. Fedra Sans-Normal Italic Expert. Fedra Sans-Light Italic Expert. Fedra Serif B-Book Expert. Fedra Mono Bold Italic Expert. Fedra Sans appears to work exceptionally well in small point sizes, while it is elegant and distinguishable in larger ones.

Fedra Sans-Medium Italic Expert. Fedra Serif B Normal Italic.

What are the free fonts very similar to Neo Sans Regular and Medium fonts? Fedra Mono Medium Italic Expert. The font is classified as medium fonts.

Free Fedra Serif B Normal Sc Font Download

Fedra Mono Fedra Mono was developed for an annual report that required a fixedwidth counterpart to Fedra Sans. Fedra Serif A Medium. Fedra Mono Medium Italic. Fedra Serif A Book Italic.


Fedra Sans Book SC font

fedra sans sc Please, help me, by education and kindness. Fedra Mono Normal Italic. Fedra Serif A Medium Italic. Download Fedra Sans Std Medium font Also available in an alternate version with more subtle construction principles. The most important criterion was to create a typeface which would work equally well on paper and on the computer screen, and would be consistent across all computer platforms.

Fedra Sans Pro-Bold

Fedra Mono Medium Expert. Fedra Mono Normal Expert. Such material will be blocked immediately. Fedra Mono Light Added: Monsterfreak Monsterchild Monster AG. Fedra Serif A Bold. Fedra Serif B-Normal Expert. Fedra Mono Book Expert.

I can only find commercial ones fedra sans sc of this alt shaded Engravers, but I can’t believe that there isn’t a free version of this style of font! I’ve seen one that would do the job with even wider serifs, particularly on the central fedrs of the W’s, but I couldn’t get that font’s name: Fedra Mono Normal Italic Expert. If you like this font don’t forget share them with you friends! Sanw Own Font Foundry. Fedra Mono Bold Expert.