Loading or inserting material on Faceyourmanga. User accepts to be responsible of all the material sent, created or published on Faceyourmanga. Avatar Manga or Mangatar. Like any good avatar, you can customize everything from chin size to the lettering on it’s t-shirt. The acceptance of any proposal is clearly subordinate and limited to the acceptance and respect of these conditions and extra applicable conditions. The products and their prices may change, up notice on the web page. Once I was logged in and building, I was confused by the combination of text titles and images to designate categories such as head, hair, and accessories.

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User accepts to be responsible of all the material sent, created or published on Faceyourmanga. User knows and accepts that using Faceyourmanga. The trade mark and anything related faceyourmanga it can’t be faceyourmanga or associated to any other product or service which is not directly connected to Faceyourmanga or may cause confusion, or bring TO UP and Faceyourmanga into discredit.

TO UP is respectful of faceyohrmanga properties of all works.

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User grants to TO UP and to other licensees, the right to use the name related to this content, when necessary. The most unattractive feature of Face Your Manga is that you are required faceyourmanga register and activate your account before you can start building. This agreement contains the terms and conditions to use the site Faceyourmanga. Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan Once the purchase is completed, if Faceyougmanga cancels or removes his account faceyourmanga won’t receive any refund.


User must attribute the work faceyoudmanga the manner specified by the author; Non Commercial: User’s content respects such terms. Recently, ffaceyourmanga mobile version has been released in the iTunes store. TO UP allows the access to Faceyourmanga only to over eighteens. This list of prohibitions provides only some faceyourmanga and it is not to be considered complete and faceyourmanga.

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If you have any problem on the invoice or any question please contact payment faceyourmanga. User can’t modify or transform this work, nor use it to make another one. Other people’s faceyourmanga mark or logos used on this Site are of their own property, and they may be our associated firms, or sponsorized by TO UP. User knows that all the content used or transmitted by Faceyourmanga or text, graphic, faceyourmanga, icons, images, audio clip, video clip, digital download, data and software, as well as the choice or the disposition of such content and any other material on the Site belong exclusively to TO UP.

User is conscious faceyourmanga relation and interactions with other website users are exclusively among themseives.

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Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or faceyourmanga files. Insert image from URL Tip: Remember Lost your password? The products and their prices may change, faceyourmanga notice on the web page. The same one may provide associated Companies’ website with link. UT Dallas home page.


These terms and conditions regulate User’s responsibility and together with other elements, it regulates the TO UP ‘s limits of responsibility Please read carefully this document before using the service. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. To Up doesn’t provide any declaration faceyourmanga warranty of any type, implicit or explicitfor the functioning of Faceyoumanga.

To join this workspace, request access. For any disputes about the meaning, the application and execution of this document faceyourmanga Competent Court is the Law Court in Rome. User can’t use the work for direct or indirect commercial purpose.

User accepts and agrees to not have any rights to download, memoraize, reproduce, modify, visualize exept for as said in the last point of the previous paragraph, change any third parties’ content being on Faceyourmanga without the owner’s authotization. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Faceyourmanga If any part of this document should be considered not valid, null, or for any reasons not applicable, such part won’t be consideredwhile the rest of the faceyourmanga will be regularly applied.

If you question these expenses TO UP may transfer all the details of the transaction to others faceyourmanga order to solve the dispute.