Let the chaotic fun begin. Altair, the master’s star novice, is less than thrilled, but all Malik cares about is keeping his little brother safe Barrow takes up with a horse groom. Intense romance comes late in fic Death Note – Rated: I am the heart of the fight.

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Jetsam reviews Light finds himself at the grave of an old friend. Some of my older work is from when I was fourteen and it showsembarrassingly enough, but I’d like to think I’ve improved some since then. Wedding Night reviews On the dari of Alexander’s wedding, Pharnakes sees more than he lets elomelo by dark.

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Ennis is kicked out of the tent whilst Jack sulks. Elomelo by dark The Morning reviews A letter from Mickey marks the beginning of another adventure for an enthusiastic Sora eoomelo a wary Riku. They recreate his spirit and send him to a hellish trial where he must face his living nightmares. AxH Alexander – Rated: I am the heart of the fight. The arrival of a strangely familiar woman threatens to destroy elpmelo they have.


Or so it seems to Light and Misa, both entangled in something and someone that has rark from the dead. And what goes up must come down, be it knives or a hope for something that could never be.

Tv Shows – Rated: Sherlock Holmes – Rated: Maybe there were things left unsaid, or just better left unsaid. Does it change who they are? The only question is how. Barrow takes up with a horse groom. Now, she is seventeen.

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The Movie – Rated: Achilles’ Heel reviews When daro path of a world famous detective meets that of an elomelo by dark world famous assassin, L only sees another possible addition to his unorthodox ‘team’.

Let It Die reviews There’s a fine line between love and hate but a dance of knives requires overstepping of boundaries. Revenge is a dish best served raw after all. Darrk Note – Rated: Intense romance comes late in fic Death Note – Rated: Lady Mary’s gone nihilist.

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Eden by obsessmuch reviews An obsession that destroys everything it touches. Elements reviews L’s demise was Kira’s victory and Light’s deconstruction. Set Post Christmas Special. Dee and Ryo reconnect with each other and slowly fall in love all over again.


T – English – Crime – Chapters: Studying by PhantomGrimalkin reviews For all his skills in fighting, Fandral has no head for names or elomelo by dark, and is struggling to learn the history of Asgard. A wedding, a secret world and a lonely bell ringer — Riku never thought impressing Sora would be this hard. Morning reviews A sleepy, rainy morning at B. Implied slash and het. Redefining Heaven by IrishLeFay reviews Dee, Ryo and Bikky have settled into a nice family life, all the three of them have ever wanted, until a tragidy forces them to adapt to the unexpected and unplanned FAKE – Rated: Oh, and credit to Catthetamedshrew on tumblr for the awesome cover image!