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The Chord of Calling box is just the other two, combined. It helps you in the early game with hitting your early land drops, which is something we are just not lacking here. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Select the right card game type and age level from all the listed items to get just what you want. Also shop in Also shop in. This is a card that is verging on the cusp of making into the deck. I end up passing on the extra cards if I see an untimely Concordant Crossroads and have a shuffle effect, like a fetch land to help get rid of it.

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Do you play Azami, Lady of Scrolls? She’s not essential; the deck can perform without her. In a 3 or 2 person game, I like to use my disruption spells like Acidic Slime or [card[ Terastodon to punish greedy manabases or just deny your opponents mana needed to cast their spells.

Basically, it’s a land azusw guarantees you to get another basic forest rather than a random card off the top with Horn of Greed.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking: Primer – ferny23 – User Blogs – MTG Salvation

The ability to turn on your your forests into Ancient Tomb for a turn 2 Azusa should be good enough, but the ability to grab a Maze of Ith to keep you alive, or an Eye of Ugin to grab an Eldrazi or a more specific answer means that Crop Rotation has earned its slot here!


Go ahead axusa ignore the part about fliers for a second. Magic Market Index for March 15th, It has a lot azuxa game and mg shoulder a lot of hate. She takes me from five to nine mana most of the time, which is incredible. Better to conquer yourself. Azusa Lost But Seeking. In its infancy, Magic did not have such clear definitions of what color should do what. Rarely, Azusa can get pretty big from a Primeval Bounty so general damage is a possibility.

Genesis Waving to flip your deck into play is not a rare occurrence with Azusa, and this guy makes Genesis waving much more difficult, or even a loss szusa Abundance is in your hand or graveyard.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

That is not a budget thing, or a pet card thing not entirely, anyway. Iceland, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Latvia. Ramp, card advantage, why would that not be good in this deck? These synergies are described a bit more thoroughly in the Synergy section of the mt, but knowing your best paths to victory is important.

Azusa Lost But Seeking

Select the right card game type and age level from azysa the listed items to get just what you want. This deck is able to constantly outdraw Azami, Lady of Scrolls in both multiplayer and heads up. Well, being way ahead on mana tends to put you right in the crosshairs at your table, so one-for-ones are usually not a good way to maintain a lead or win when your opponents are outdrawing you 3 to 1 in a 4 player pod!

I did a thread search, and “Horn of Greed” never came up. This card got the axe when the M14 rules change about lands went into effect. Magic Market Index for April 5, It also helps prevent you from drawing dead cards in the mid to late game, but by then, we should have plenty of access to something else that just does the job better. There are a few toolboxes worth mentioning, and it’s good to have those ntg here, just so you know what you can get and when it’s a good time to grab them.


Azusa Lost but Seeking, Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Price History

Use your spot removal as sparingly as possible. The fact of mth matter is that the fact that this guy kept popping up at the wrong time told me that I was probably running too many finishers and not enough support. Draw 2 extra cards, you lose 8 life, and Horn of Greed causes all of you lands to cantrip for you. He’s good late and mid game too, as him plus a haste enabler does a lot of work for powering out expensive threats while your opponent’s defenses are low.

Crop Rotation is a card that belongs in literally every single Azusa deck, and probably every green deck. Also shop in Also shop in.

Abundance helps you avoid drawing a land when you need a business spell, Sylvan Library ends up reading: Last edited by icecoldjazz: To set up the critical turn, you will be checking out the untapped blue mana during the player to your right’s end step.

You may notice that this list contains azuea lot of older cards.

Concordant Crossroads might seem a bit out of place in this 18 creature deck, but the card is almost never good to play as soon as possible.