Few singers say that they have not learnt. I recorded my first solo album called Taaruf and it became a hit. And now again, that thing is happening and this era should come back. This is a good opening for any good artist. It reaches the wider audience. So many artists have come up.

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A good situation comes up and there is a good voice.

Mulaqat Ghazals by Ashok Khosla

P Nayyar aehok Khayyam Saab. And then ghasal happened that I took it seriously. When I got all these shows, I got busy and I got an excuse. It all took off from there.

What happened is that it became such a hit that even Jagjit Singh Ji started singing shaarab number at that time. Now I am very hopeful of these new ashok khosla ghazal singers. They are more matured than the early days.

He appreciated the whole work. The lyrics were so good or either the tune.


‎The Great Ghazals by Ashok Khosla on Apple Music

Let them come to me. It was a big hit and it is played in the schools nowadays. The first building came out in Melodious songs in the forms of ghazals are coming back. Music India released several of his albums. Whatever came my way, I was easy. The world is becoming very small.

Few singers say that they have not learnt. Nowadays there is nothing there. People need desperately some good melody and poetry.

We should not just wait for the Government to do things, we should ourselves do something. I am really thankful to God for giving me this seva and work to do. The audience is now more demanding. He has to see that he has got the talent. It would be great. I never really had that thing in me. I sang ghazals in front of Lataji.

Each one is looking for survival. Till the film is there, the songs are there. He inspired me to do something ashok khosla ghazal those old people who had a lot of trouble times.


No returns are there. We bought that land and he gave us some money to build the place also. And now again, that thing is happening and this era should come back. For two months, I used to go to this house every day and we selected a few songs.

The world is changing and the full circle is coming. When it is ashok khosla ghazal hit, then there is a queue.