In fact the critics wash the dirt sins of our clothes mind 1 Therefore who so ever criticizes us, is our dear friend. But infact I am all the time engaged in remembering Ram’s Name. I caimot find any other type of flowers or beautiful things to offer. Thus he created an amalgam of good and practical qualities of all the contemporary systems of thought to bring about a revolution in caste ridden, depraved and disheartened society of that time. He says that this world’s colour or resultant effect is temporary like the colour of “kasumhha flower” or cartamus tinctorious.

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Karta hoi so anbhe rahe 2 Phal karan phooli banrai.

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They do not understand that they may die any moment. Kabir says, O my brother humans, nobody has attained liberation without Ram Naam.

Similarly this universe of five elements or the world is the play of the Lord. Those who adopt their Ari bai gobind naam mat bisre teachings and keep company with the holy men are known as saints 1 Ibsre and Ponder Such saints have mystical sea shell signs on their palms and soles of feet, their mystical energy centers Chakras are activated, they have holy blessed rosary and holy mark on the forehead etc.

In my case, Hari the God worries for nam, which is beyond the range of my mind. I do not feel like moving anjnvhere and my mind has gone limp. By breathing through left and right nostrils alternately sixteen times, I activated my Ua nadi moon or coldpingla nadi sun or hot and also the sushmana nadi.


What is the “dress code”? gonind

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Saint Ravidas told him to check up the place where he had left it. God, it is like separating sugar from sand. In the Slokas of Sri Guru Arjun Dev included in Saint Kabir’s slokes, there is mention of Namdev advising Trilochan that one should do worldly business with hands and feet but the mind should always be connected with the Lord refer to chapter 5 Para 12 It is said that the Lord was so much pleased with Trilochan that He served in his house.

Show my social media links facebook. A person earns money or cheats others of their wealth with lot of devious means.

Ari Bai Gobind Naam Mat ( MB) | Mp3 Audio Download

Divine Knowledge “go” is light of Divine Knowledge and ‘Mati’ is flow of river. Paras parse dubidha na hoi 1 Rahao So muni mun ki dubhidia khai. But Kabir ‘s Master gave him a very good advice. Ogbind this Light the whole world consisting of good and bad persons was created.

But the world is of no use. Path of the Lord is difficult on up and down hilly terrain. In his times, whereas the Muslim rulers and the priests were keen to spread Islam with the force of the sword, the Sufi Faqirs spread Islam with love. Aari does not mean that one should leave the worldly existence and become a recluse. Ari bai gobind naam mat bisre is said to have met both the saints near Ellora caves in Maharastra state during pilgrimage.


But after obtaining Divine Knowledge, all actions “karma” are destroyed. The name of the place is “Begam Pura” i. As a fool is lost in the love of his family.

Thus all creations are subservient to God’s Nature.

Namdev tells such persons to take shelter in the Lord and be devoted to Him without any fear. To put it simply, one should consider oneself as nothing, tolerate others’ bad words and recite God’s Name with the tongue.

He spread the message of victory of truth and destruction of false-hopd. Wherever I see, I find Him. In Delhi, he met Faqir Qutubbudin and became his disciple. Also provide me with the company of such a great ari bai gobind naam mat bisre who should expleiin to me the discrimination to understand that the differences are only an illusioin.

The villagers, to facilitate movement of carts on these roads, cut long grass and spread on these roads. No need of Yoga, austerities and charity etc.