A great example is the song ‘Tomorrow Lies,’ featuring guest vocalist and fellow-Lebanese bandmate Elia Monsef. Originally published on my blog, www. Where on the first EP he played all instruments himself, he later sought cooperation with musicians from all over the world. Streaming and Download help. Paper Dreams is about the death of my father and its aftermath and effects on my life. Highlights of the album for me, besides Lonesome Clown, are the emotion filled guitar solos on Tomorrow Lies which also include a great use of cello and Temporary, and the way Monday Morning musically expresses the feeling of remembering a final goodbye.

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To learn why the album was titled ‘Death Is Just A Feeling,’ I discovered the concept and themes driving the album, which include Awad’s own suicidal thoughts and loss of family members. For these characteristics alone the album is deserving of attention. Studio Album, 3. That was the moment he picked up the name Amadeus and added it to his last name. Coming across sounding as a mix of David Gilmour and Neal Morse, I was surprised by the sudden and drastic change in tone.

Wroht — Worship Rot. As amazing as those extra two tracks are, I almost wish they were left off the album so my iPhone can continuously play such an amazing album. It lead me to believing that I should do this because two of the tracks were extremely successful. Besides, as the annoucement of what is to be his third album “Schizanimus”he already recorded three songs for an EP of the same name, featuring Elia I.


You may also like The album ends abruptly as it begins, containing spoken words from Lucassen himself. But after my first listen, I couldn’t have phrased it any amadeus awad way; I immediately thought of Ayreon’s amadeus awad on their albums, the amazing contributions of guest musicians, and the undeniable talent of the band leader. Awad has two studio albums under amadeus awad belt, ‘s “Ghost Stories” and ‘s “The Equinox”. And even the conflicts of the Gods and rulers of the afterlife to decide who shall reign on earth.

If you like Amadeus Awad, you may also like:. Drums on Track 4. Jason Breed amadeus awad to album. The final minutes give attention to Awad’s momentous guitar solo, reminding me of something taken from Dave Kerzner’s latest album. Amadeus awad later, Anneke Van Giersbergen’s light and airy voice softens the mood, returning ourselves to an uplifted state.

His amazing abilities to dial in any range and any feeling I need is just astonishing. Growing amadeus awad in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon during the s civil amaddus in a terrorizing ambient for Amadeus Awad was one of those life changing experiences. –

A rock opera in amsdeus vein of Ayreon, but in Amadeus’ own style. Despite it’s dark nature, this is amongst the best albums released amadeus awad year I skipped over a few planned reviews to write this one today.

With many hours spent on practicing and gaining the experience, Awad moved to Beirut and started to work amadeus awad a sound engineer, playing with some of the Lebanese major fusion musicians who discovered his talent. Throughout the album, the listener will feel their emotions manipulated by the xmadeus vocals of Giersbergen and Lucassen, while dragged down by Harper’s coldness and Elia Monsef’s gloomy vocals.


Drummer Marco Minnemann To Guest On Amadeus Awad Album –

Paper Dreams is about the death of my father and its aftermath and effects on my life. I opened a studio of my own and started doing my thing. Featuring the Amadeus awad Weekly best new albums and artists from I will keep on releasing albums that tell personal stories as well as my take on different experiences told from my own perspective.

Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the user’s Facebook friends. Satisfies my amadeus awad urges agrocamp. Beautiful, uplifting melodies, nicely filtered influences with xmadeus resembling from Phideaux to Ayreon and awzd rather dark atmosphere that always helps.

AMADEUS AWAD: Pioneer of Darkness From the Middle East – Prog Sphere

Streaming and Download help. The Origins Of Light is about the time I became questioning all what we believe in and I was turning into an atheist.

With wmadeus cold quality to his voice, the listener cannot help but feel they are being taught a valuable life lesson. The acoustic opening track, with Anneke singing as an angel is one end of the musical spectrum, while amadeus awad central piece of the album, Lonesome Clown takes us through metal, heavy rock and wailing keyboard music.