No one made Miku sing gocha gocha uruse so I made one. Hi, another remix of an hour for the channel: Akita Neru-Stop Nagging Me! Credits in video Second time writing this Neru from Vocaloid Nightcore version:

akita neru stop nagging me mp3

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YouTube Paulina Zapata Salgado. Here is a link to the translation.

XD Dedicado a quienes molestan criticando mi cosplay!!! Not at all mine in any way.

I don’t own anything. Neru stop nagging me Gumi cosmos Juon leven polka. Mizu loves you too XD Even though she seems a bit irritated. Teto Cover Ayden Stryker.

Chords for [AKITA NERU] Gocha Gocha Urusee! (Sub Spanish and mp3) [VOCALOID]

Hey guys, another animation! Vocaloid vs non-vocaloid gacha life Hime.

No one akia Miku sing gocha gocha uruse so I made one. Finally, a long break for making videos. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day: Akita Neru Stop Nagging Me! Nightcore stop nagging me!


Vocaloid neru stop nagging me

I take credit for the subs Why never post it? Neru Akita Leni Megpoid.

akita neru stop nagging me mp3

Original by Owata-P and Kamo: Scenes and audio b. Vocaloid 4 VSQx by: Kano Vocaloid editor used: Japan strikes again with fast-paced vocaloid music! First video to a awesome summer for everyone. Lulz Thank you everyone!!! Hatsune Miku – Stop Nagging Me! EDIT Thanks y’all for 9, views! Nightcore – Stop Nagging Me!

Vocaloid Neru Stop Nagging Me

Akita Neru – Stop Nagging Me! I only tweaked the Lyrics here and there.

Stop nagging me [10 hours] Kipper. Akita Neru; Stop Nagging Me! Lol jk jk i luv you all XD I do not own anything. Lol, the software and my computer was lagging while trying to finish it. Sorry about the bad quality, too. URK I lost my sony vegas

akita neru stop nagging me mp3